How can I start to describe a city so amazing, beautiful and friendly?.  From the minute you get off the plane, everybody is trying to help you in the best way they can (even though, they don’t speak English).

 Tokyo will touch your  heart  in a way you  can’t imagine. For me is my favorite city in the world. 

They have a very rich culture where the respect to one another is a priority. 

 Here is a guide on what to do.

 The Imperial palace Gardens, it is a nice place to walk around or just sit and embrace the natural beauty.

       Asakusa, to visit the Senso-ji temple, and on the way there are local stores to buy souvenirs, also there are a couple of sushi places where you can have lunch.

  •       Harajuku district, where you can see some punks on the street, and do some local shopping on Takeshita Dori Street. 

– Try the famous Zaku zako ice cream at cute cube Harajuku, and also the crepes. 

  • Don’t forget to take a picture at the iconic Takeshita Dori banner.


 Take the train to Kamakura, it is an hour south of Tokyo, it was the political center of medieval Japan, now it is a city which holds dozens of Buddhist temples, the most popular is the Kotoku-in Temple´s Great Buddha, a 13 Mts. high bronze statue, still standing after the 15th century tsunami. Also There is a temple where you «wash» your money it is like a metaphor so you can get more.

  – If you get to be there on a Sunday, go to Meiji Jingu park to see kids dressed with Kimonos, with their parents dressed as well, they were going to the temple to say thank you for life, it is like a christening, they looked so cute.

 For shopping Ginza district is the place to be! with stores for every taste. Don’t forget to visit Uniqlo’s biggest store in Ginza, with 12 floors!!.

 Visit Itoya, it is a stationary shop, with 6 floors, where you can find different kind of papers, pens and more.

Omotesando Street is like 5th ave in NYC, with high end stores, but there are little streets across, with local apparel boutiques.


 Spend the day at beautiful Odaiba, it is a large artificial island on Tokyo bay, there are a couple of thing to do there.

      Fuji television Network.  

        Museums like Madame Tussauds.

      Gourmet restaurants.

        Take a stroll on Acqua city Odaiba and spot the little statue of liberty.

      Odaiba Seaside park, where kids can play on the sand, windsurfing is a favorite activity.

      Pallete town, is a group of shopping centers that resemble streets is Europe from the 18th century, an amusement facility, and one of the largest ferris wheels.


Head to Akihabara to buy electronics, at a duty free price, also there are stores for toys and figures, this part of the city is the electronics part you can find anything you like.

  Akasaka or Roponggi (midtown) is full of restaurants and parks, I loved this part of the city where you can just sit in a park watch the kids play, and relax a bit. There lots of  restaurants in site. Visit the Suntory Museum of Art, there’s always a nice exhibition to see, and you can witness a tea ceremony.

 Take a picture with the giant spider at the Roku Roku plaza.







– Shibuya crossing, it is right outside Shibuya station, there’s this intersection, that it is rumored to be the busiest crossing in Tokyo, where hundreds of people coming from different directions, and managing to dodge each other.  There’s  a  Starbucks right in the corner where you can sit for hours and watch. 

Where to eat. While in Tokyo we didn’t end up in those fancy restaurants with michelin stars or a famous chef, we love sushi so everywhere you go in you will enjoy a good nigiri. Although we came into this place which we really loved, it is called sharuku. Also inside Tokyo station there is a whole underground street to have a good ramen. 





  • Tsukiji Market: If you go early, (by early I mean 4-5am..) yo will get to see the tuna auction, we couldn’t get up that early, we went during the morning and we get to eat really good nigiris and see a little of the market itself.

I hope this guide will help you get around an incredible city and enjoy it the way I did!.


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