Holbox Island is situated  on the Caribbean, 2 hours drive from Cancun Airport and 30 min ferry. It is a true paradise, This is  place to truly relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.


        You can rent a golf cart per hour or for 24 hours and discover all the island. I went to Punta coco, it is an amazing beach with hammocks on the beach and amazing peace!

Secondly,  It reminded me what it was Playa del Carmen 20-25 years ago.

       Holbox Island now it’s a small town, just like it was Playa del Carmen a few years back, and since then there has been a lot of tourism and  it has  get too commercial.

 Third, to find quiet, and peace


       There are hammocks on the ocean where you can rest and find the peace everybody needs!

 They don’t have cars they transport on golf carts.

           Everything is walking by distance! But if you prefer you can take a taxi ( golf cart)

Another great reason is that  you can walk on the ocean and the water won’treach your knees.

          Literally!! You walk and walk and you even can find in the middle of the ocean these “sand banks”.


            Somebody told me while staying on the island that recently they signed the first OXXO ( 7 eleven in Mexico) to open in Holbox Island, so probably  won’t take long before the big tourism will exploit the island (let’s hope not and the island can stay the way it is now with it’s little stores all around! )


      You can swim with a whale shark really close.

You can book a tour (I recommend to do it through the hotel) where they take you to the place where the whale shark eats. It is a 1 ½ to 2 hour ride on a boat, totally worth it!!

The captain of the boat will tell you when to climb off the boat and you can swim fast to be next to this amazing shark!.

After they take you to a place to go fishing so they can prepare a delicious ceviche.

Finally, they take you snorkeling where we got to see 3 turtles and a stingray it was awesome!!!

 And above all, witness the bioluminescence of the ocean.

There are certain spots on the island where there are no hotels or construction ( I mean the land is protected and there can’t be any construction).

After dark you can take a night walk on the beach,  and move the water a little bit to see the glow. This thing happens because the phytoplankton comes up to the surface and that is why you see lighting up



15 junio, 2019 a las 9:58 pm

I have heard a lot of good things about Isla Holbox. I really want to visit one day. I have been to the Riviera Maya but prefer the less popular, more local places. I was able to find several of these and know there are plenty more to visit.

16 junio, 2019 a las 5:08 am

The snorkeling on Holbox Island sounds really amazing. So neat that you can swim with whale sharks there and you saw stingrays and turtles!

16 junio, 2019 a las 3:53 pm

I’ve never heard of Holbox island! Sometimes, these undiscovered places are the best. How fun that you can see the phytoplankton glow!

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