There is no doubt Mexico City has a lot of restaurants to choose from, however I am going to focus in 3 neighborhoods which now are very trendy, Colonia Roma, Condesa  and Polanco

The Restaurants in Mexico city  include excellent  Mexican food, sushi places, Italian food, international, gourmet food, and all you can imagine Mexico city has it all! I’ve listed a couple of them which I considered them my top priority.

This is one of  favorite restaurants  in Mexico City, to have breakfast.

It has a nice variety of juices, really weird combinations, which make them actually really tasty. The pastries are exquisite, last time I had a croissant filled with fig jam, and a tarragon bread both delicious. For breakfast you can choose from a gourmet eggs, paninis, chilaquiles, tamales, seasonal fruit with yogurt, everything is delicious. It has a nice setting, open kitchen and a bar. Also open for lunch and dinner.




This is the sister restaurant of Lardo, If you are looking for a nice italian place this is it!. The menu features common and not so common italian dishes, like hand made pasta ( the kind you will not find in Mexico City) fresh produce and seafood, try the “pescado a la sal” it is my all time favorite.

Dine in an old mansion, converted to a restaurant, the romantic and elegant ambiance will take you back to the 1900´s


Recently there’s a trend in Mexico city, of sushi bars, they have opened a lot. I am working on a post about it, so you can go to the best in the city, but on the meantime, this one is very good, a little expensive but payable.

The ambiance resembles a street stall with a clean and brilliant design, like if you are in Japan. It has  fresh fish,  good nigiris, rib eye tacos, everything with a Mexican touch, in Mexico you cannot find a truly japanese restaurant it doesn’t work here, everything is with cream cheese, or spicy.




This is a very trendy place in the Colonia Roma, it is located at Colima St., however you make reservations in advance, specially over the weekends.

It has a bar in the patio, that actually gets packed on weekends and Thursday nights, where you can order small plates. The chef Hiroshi Kawahito made the menu mixing flavors from the east and mexican flavours, you can’t miss the oyster bar, the salmon Gravlax, and the artichoke.
The architecture, is a 1930´s building everything white on the inside, and mixing some color on the restaurant.


This place is amazing for gourmet burgers, they have several restaurants around colonia Roma and Polanco.

Very casual, and always packed around lunch time, regrettably they don´t take reservations.

For me the best place in the city for a good burger. 

And  remember that for us Mexicans lunch time is around 3 pm!. Ask for the sweet potato fries and the hot wings!




Perfect for seafood.

Everything fresh, it has a mexican touch, like tostadas, tacos de atun (tuna Tacos).

Only if you are a big party ask for the fish with cilantro sauce, and “a la talla”, because, it is a complete fish so, it will be a big plate.

Make room for dessert, try the meringue pie with strawberries and the fig pie!
It looks like a place you can find at a beach, really relaxed ambiance.

And in my opinion  the sexiest crowds in Mexico’s capital city.

Be prepared to wait for a table usually it is packed for lunch, but you can make reservations.

Recently the chef owner Gabriela Camara opened a restaurant in San Francisco, California called Cala.

Let’s don’t forget a mexican gourmet place:


When you first enter you can sense a minimalist design not forgetting, the mexican touch.

Going to Dulce Patria is knowing you will have an adventure on every dish you taste, every plate has a little twist. Every dish is beautifully and creatively  served, the miniature children’s carrousel filled with mexican sweets should not be missed.  Try their famous bread with mole.


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